My most referenced articles

I’ve noticed I keep referencing back to certain articles over and over again. Here’s a list of articles or videos I find myself constantly referring to even way after it was first published:

  • Back to basics - SOLID - This article is just so good at explaining some of the more useful design patterns you can use in web development. I probably refer to this article at least twice a month.
  • Magic numbers - I feel like when I ask “is that a magic number?” people look at me like I have 3 heads. So I keep having to pull this one to remind people not to use magic numbers and yes they are a real thing.
  • Questions for our first 1:1 - For new engineering managers under my wing or whenever I run out of things to ask I keep coming back to this article because it’s great advice (and it has a Google Doc template which I appreciate).
  • How to start a startup - I think I’ve watched this, no joke, 5 times for all of the lectures. I want this drilled into my brain forever.
  • The Future of Programming - Another talk I’ve watched so many times I hope to someday memorize it.
  • Systems Design Interview series - I keep watching these because I firmly believe as an engineering manager this is one of those things that is still technical that I need to master.
  • Sizing engineering teams - If I ever need to think about how I’m going to restructure my teams, this is the article I reference. Every. Single. Time.
  • The leadership library for engineers - I’m an engineering leader. And I love to learn. Here’s enough learning to melt your face.
  • Awesome Elixir GitHub project - I write a lot of Elixir for fun. All of my side projects use it. If I need a plugin or a resource, I start here first.
  • Motherfucking Website - When people want an example of what perfect looks like, I show them this. Simple, responsive, accessible, and fast. What more do you actually want? Sometimes I think I should just make my website look like this because it’s what I want to do even though I know I sort of need to do my own blog design otherwise people wouldn’t think I have a front end background. But I can dream I suppose…

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